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Crane and Rigging

Convenient and efficient crane hire in Johannesburg to ease your move

Johannesburg Truck Hire is your no excuses, no fuss, one-stop solution provider for all of your crane hire needs. With years of experience and a diverse fleet of vehicles, we will always deliver on time. We know how to and will get the job done. As an established BEE (Black Economically Empowered) company, we provide short and long term crane hire in Johannesburg and surround, including Full Maintenance Leasing (FML) for more than 80 loyal long-term clients in South Africa.

Vehicles equipped with cranes can lift, lower, and carry huge loads. They not only move things around, but they can also lift them up great heights. Lifting massive concrete or steel beams and columns, both of which are frequent in industrial settings, would be nearly impossible without cranes. Crane trucks typically have a loading area on the bed as well as a lattice or knuckle boom mounted in the front or rear.

A mobile crane's beam is balanced at a point known as the fulcrum in balance-style cranes. This enables it to lift heavy objects with a small amount of force. As a result, the crane's beam functions as a simple lever. Cranes employ telescopic hydraulic cylinders for lifting purposes, which may be operated from the driver's seat.

With our all-in-one crane truck we can deliver goods and freight at the same time. This is a cost-effective and time-effective solution to move transformers, containers, generators, steel structures and more. Typical projects that use our fleet include movie productions, school ventures, sporting events, music concerts, corporate functions, media distribution and mining enterprises.

Our fleet, based in Johannesburg, comprises an eight ton crane, a 20 ton flatbed with crane and a mobile crane. Mobile cranes provide unparalleled flexibility and mobility, particularly in situations involving multiple obstructions. Mobile cranes can be used to navigate project sites with limited space and access constricted passages, making them a pragmatic choice for many site conditions, enterprises and equipment.

Do not hesitate to call us for trustworthy assistance in the transportation of your particular goods, material or equipment at an affordable price.

Affordable Mobile Crane Truck Hire in Johannesburg & Exceptional Services

Transportation of abnormal loads

A load is regarded as abnormal if it cannot be dismantled into smaller parts that are within road traffic limits, without the risk of being damaged or with excessive effort. In terms of South Africa’s National Road Traffic Act a load that exceeds the legal limits of length, width, height and overhang, can only be transported with a permit. Our 20 Ton Flatbed with mobile crane is perfect for your next abnormal load. Check our website for a quote.

Transportation of machines or construction equipment

Transporting your heavy equipment can be a logistical nightmare, but it can be avoided by hiring a dependable and appropriate vehicle from a reliable company who can help you move your equipment on time and on budget.

Construction machinery is extremely valuable. Not only because it is specialised and expensive, but also because the proper equipment is required to keep large-scale projects on schedule. Our hauling fleet is fully equipped, well maintained and meticulously cleaned to handle big and smaller loads. We are also happy to assist with advice on safety procedures and guidance in the loading and unloading of your construction equipment.

Transportation of steel structures

A great deal of care and precision go into transporting steel structures because it is a hefty, potentially hazardous load. This involves employing the proper tools and vehicles to get the work done and ensure the safety of the structure and of the people loading it. Our mobile and truck-mounted cranes are safe and extremely effective at lifting various steel products such as steel columns, pipes, plates and structures.

Transportation of all containers

Transporting freight via container is one of the most cost-effective options available. Containers are convenient and quite easy to load and unload. There is no single factor that determines the success or failure of container shipping by road. At each stage, the process is defined by the synthesis of several components. Our specialised staff, drivers and crew are available to assess your needs and assist you accordingly.

Mini-sub moving and lifting

Moving and lifting a sub-station is a daunting exercise that requires technical know-how, specialised safety precautions and planning for a cost-effective operation. With our well-maintained fleet of equipment and operational skills, you can safely complete this project that is frequently difficult and more often than not, time-critical.

Complete factory removals

Moving a factory is no easy task. If you're thinking about relocating your factory, you'll have a lot to think about. A move of this magnitude will necessitate considerable planning, especially if you will be relying on a service provider to do some of the work for you. When it comes to moving heavy machinery and delicate equipment, it is essential to use specialised vehicles, tools and techniques.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are able to advise you on the best procedures and equipment to use for your specific machine type and weight. In order to complete the project, they will also verify that optimal access routes are identified. Custom packing options and heavy lift facilities are also available.

Insurance and safety

All our vehicles have Goods in transit Insurance (GIT). Goods in Transit insurance protects items from theft, loss, or damage as they're being transported by truck from one place to another for business purposes.

All of our employees are thoroughly checked for security clearance and have passed background checks with the police. Our drivers receive on-going training and have valid professional driver licenses that are updated in accordance with the law. They have all been equipped with cellphones and are trained to be watchful and aware of their surroundings at all times. All of our vehicles are provided with satellite tracking and recovery systems that provide real-time updates.


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